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Taking Care of You and Business

Taking Care of You and Business

Courtesy of Patricia Muir from Executive Encore – Maestro Quality Inc.

Following your loss, you are likely to encounter several bouts of “self-preservation” followed by a sense of “rebirth”. This theme will thread through your life like a ribbon: sometimes flowing and fearless; sometimes taught and twisted.

My own experience presented difficult choices when I was most vulnerable. I made many decisions based on self-preservation; not effective business-decision models!

In his final days, my father shared his most valuable advice:

“Take care of yourself.
Do what’s right for you.
Don’t jeopardize what you have built for yourself.”

Dad knew that I would likely tear my own life apart doing double-duty caring for my family and my business.

In addition to losing my father, I experienced unexpected business challenges. I retreated to review and re-evaluate my direction and plans for my personal and professional life. I let go of some strong beliefs and embraced new enlightening ones. I let go of some clients and business pursuits and attracted new opportunities. No new clients – I wasn’t ready for the commitment.

It’s a tough business decision to take care of “you” when you feel like your business is slipping away. Heeding Dad’s wisdom, I realized that if I abandoned myself I would not be able to take care of my business and I would l jeopardize all I had built for myself.

Call to Action:
1. What do you need to do to take care of “you”?
2. Create a daily mantra to keep self-care top-of-mind.

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