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Stop the Balancing Act!

Courtesy of Patricia Muir from Executive Encore – Maestro Quality Inc.

Losing a loved one brings on intense transition that tips, upsets, and overturns our life both personally and professionally.

Through my own experience of loss, I discovered that “integration” rather than “balance” is key to a gentler flow through this intense period of transition.

“Integration” implies acceptance, assimilation, and sense of continuous flowing energy. As something is added, it is absorbed but it does not take over. When something is deleted, the gap is filled without losing appreciation for what was removed or lost. Wholeness is maintained. Our sense of being whole gives us strength to flow through transition.

“Balance” implies struggle to achieve and maintain. Any addition or deletion will cause upset. Compensating reactions fuel imbalance. We feel fragmented. Our sense of being whole is compromised along with our strength. We focus on hurdles, we trip, and we lose the flow.

Call to action – Stop the Balancing Act:
1. List what is most important to you at this moment.
2. Determine how you are currently “balancing” or “juggling” what is most important. How do you feel when “A” gets more attention than “B”? Or, when “C” forces you to eliminate “B”? What is “balancing” costing you?
3. Now explore the shift to “integration”. Can this shift allow you to give the appropriate amount of attention to “A” and “B”? Can you accept and assimilate “C” without exclusion of “B”? If the unexpected comes along, will you be able to accept it with ease and maintain the flow?

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