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Peace of Mind – Reasons to Choose a Professional Mover?

By Nadia Kalnieva – S & Sons Moving and Packing, Toronto ON

Scaling down or moving from your family home is no small task. It too is an inevitable fact of life as we age, and move on to next stages. Studies have shown that we Canadians can move anywhere from 5 to 12 times in our lifetime. Not surprising, moving ranks as one of the most stressful events in life, yet we do it. With this important transition, it’s essential to consider using a professional moving company to move both yourself and your possessions the safe and efficient way. A few questions that you and your family should be asking:


A professional company comes with their own staff, who are use to and trained how to pack, lift, move heavy boxes and awkward furniture. Plain and simple, your family and friends are not. Nor are staff giving up precious weekends or days off. Moving is a profession and cutting corners to fit family schedules will most certainly compromise the speed and time of the move.


Professional companies will charge you a fee that will include a fully equipped truck for your move, plus moving crew, fuel, mileage, packing materials, such as dollies, runners, belts, blankets and ropes. They are also licensed and insured to handle the job. These are the hidden costs that in trying to have family and friends do, and are often missed. No one thinks that a picture might be dropped, a table scratched, or personal injury occur. But they do, and these things add up. Never mind the cost of the relationship.


Movers are efficient in what they do. A professional company comes with the proper sized truck to fit all your belongings in one trip, and the know how on how to pack the vehicle. They have all the tools to make your move easy and safe, skilled in handling your personal belongings and valuables. Your family and friends may choose the wrong-sized truck, thus requiring several trips, or take the driver’s seat without the skill to drive a larger-than-average vehicle. This could result in an accident, damage to your belongings, or even worse.


Hiring a professional will mean that YOU WILL have the energy to start unpacking or using your new place right the way. Moving is strenuous work, for everyone, both physically and emotionally. Take into account your own energy level, and be apart of this process.

The decision whether to hire a professional moving company or move with family and friends is an important one. Nothing can entirely remove the pain of relocation, but it’s not surprising that seniors do better after a move when they are involved in the decision process. Cost, time and experience are very important factors in this decision. Let a professional take care of your move so you may take care of yourself. Indeed, we will move you to your newplace with a happy face!

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