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Mist Upon My Soul

Mist Upon My Soul

The following poem was written by Kevin, one of’s visitors, when his wife Kathy passed away in April of 2010. He has graciously shared it with us so that we can share it with all of our other visitors.

In Memory of all Loved One’s lost…..


Is it a word or a song, possibly a touch that let’s you awake
A shadow or a dream, which creates a passage into my today
I am pulled from my reality into the mist of remembrance
Once again we are together to dream and plan for tomorrow

As I drifted from day to day, other problems of life consumed my way
To be in today and then the years are blown away; you are suddenly here
To be surrounded by your presence not knowing you would appear
You have captured this total moment and filled me with wonder

The smile, which I knew, your presence that I have missed,
It has invaded and filled my daily drift, my usual day is filled with joy
I try with all my being to hold this precious time
But you slip through my mind as smoke through my fingers

You have moved once again to that place of sweet confine,
Where you are loved and kept safe and your memory will never fade
My total being aches to be suddenly surrounded by your presence
I await the chance occurrence of its sudden appearance again

This mist upon my soul will always be a most treasured possession
It has the ability to raise me up from depths of whoa and despair
Return you must to the safety of love and remembrance
Where you are my constant assurance of life and love eternal

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