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Helping to choose senior living options for your loved one or for yourself

Helping to choose senior living options for your loved one or for yourself

Long-term, short-term, home care, assisted living, retirement communities, with so many choices it is best to involve everyone in the decision making process.  Many things must be taken into consideration, the needs and wants of the elderly person as well as the costs, determining both short and long term plans. If you are making a decision to change your own living situation, then it is good to research your options and discuss with your family.

Types of housing options available:

If deciding to stay in the familiar surroundings at home, there are numerous options to provide part-time in-home care and assistance. Everything from nursing assistance, transportation, housekeeping services and companionship are available in the home.  Discuss the option of family members possibly providing some of these needs instead of or in combination with an outside company, this will assist financially with a long term plans.

Independent living facilities have a variety of social activities, services and available options which can vary from site to site. Outside caregiving companies can be obtained for extra assistance as well.

Assisted living provides an option to seniors who do not require medical or nursing home assistance with on site benefits such as housekeeping, meals, laundry and various other personal support services

Nursing homes are available for those needing continual medical and living needs, these facilities would have full time attendants to provide continual medical attention.

If you have siblings or other family members, get them involved in the conversation with your elder family member(s).  

  • Ask what they want, do they feel confident living at home alone? 
  • Are they active in the community?  Would they benefit from more social activities?
  • What type of assistance do they require, i.e. cleaning, transportation?  Take note of their current living conditions to help determine whether or not they may need more assistance. Check for items such as cleanliness/maintenance of the home, are there fresh groceries stocked in the kitchen, do they seem to be eating properly, are there unpaid bills or forgotten mail lying about?
  • Do they still drive? How long will this be possible for them to continue? What options are there once they can no longer drive themselves?
  • Do they have medical needs? Part-time or full-time?

Once you have decided on the type of care, it will be time to check out the local senior residences and services available in your area, see what options are available.  Call local homes and retirement communities and make an appointment to view their facilities, find out more about their options and match one to your needs and finances.

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