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    Hello my name is Stephanie and I’m new to this site.I lost my late husband to brain cancer in Aug/2011 he was 27 years old and so was I.We have 2 little boys there were 3 and 1 years old when they lost there father.Just looking for any advice on how to move on 🙂


    First Stephanie please let me express my sympathy for the loss of your husband.

    Moving Through Grief

    Be kind to yourself. Sleep in if you need to and listen to your inner voice because you are the one who knows best how to take care of yourself. Curl up in your fuzzy robe and just relax. Take a deep breath of fresh air and enjoy a walk through a park.
    Give yourself permission to step back from the world and recoup. Take time to stop and weep, stop and enjoy a memory and naturally heal as you move forward.

    We don’t all move through the stages of grief in any predictable manner. Grief does not fit into a nice neat package. I’ve learned that we can move forward and then discover ourselves going back a few steps and that is ok.

    That is our reality and I am privileged to know women that have travelled this journey before me. They helped me by just watching the richness they had made in their lives with new friends and hobbies.

    You will make it through but there will be battle scars and it is a journey that takes courage. Seek out widows in your area that have already travelled the path and ask them how they did it. Be sure to ask those widows that have found their way and I know you will gain from their experiences.

    You are loved and you are important so please take your time and grief to heal.

    Mary Francis


    Hi My name is Lydia I am new to forum ,I lost my husband about 18 months ago ,I am in pain every day ,we were married for 40 years.Does anyone have any suggestions or how do you deal with these daily issues

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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