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What should I do/change financially after my spouse dies?

The death of your spouse or a loved one can mean changes in your life and your life goals. You may want to re-evaluate your strategies for balancing your priorities and making progress towards achieving your revised financial goals.
Take this opportunity to review your priorities and consider asking yourself or your financial advisor these questions:

  • How do I transfer my spouse’s investment assets into my name and what documents will I need?
  • Will I need to create a new investment portfolio?
  • Do I need a new Will?
  • How will my estate plans change?
  • Should I consider transferring assets to my family now?
  • How will my Budget change?
  • I may decide to sell my home, what are the implications?
  • Will I need new or different insurance coverage?
  • What is involved in being an Executor?

Here are some experts who can help.

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