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What is the Guaranteed Income Supplement?

The Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) provides additional money, on top of the Old Age Security pension, to low-income seniors living in Canada. To be eligible for the GIS benefit you must be receiving the Old Age Security pension and meet income requirements.

GIS is based on your annual income, or the combined annual income of you and your spouse or common-law partner. Since your annual income can change from year to year, you must renew your GIS each year. Most seniors automatically renew their GIS simply by filing their income tax return by April 30.

If you do not file a tax return, or if the government needs more information, Service Canada will send a renewal application form to you in the mail. If you receive a form from Service Canada, you must complete and return it as soon as you have all the necessary income information, even if you file a tax return. If you do not re-apply for the GIS benefit in the spring, or if your income is now too high to qualify for it, you will only get the basic Old Age Security pension starting in July of that year.

Each July, you will receive a letter that tells you the new amount of your monthly payment.

To apply, contact Service Canada at 1 (800) 277-9914, or re-apply for GIS by filing your income tax return. For more information on GIS, please visit the Service Canada website.

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