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What home care can I get for my elderly parent?

Your elderly parent may begin to require some assistance but would prefer to remain in their home. The extent of the assistance will vary depending on the individual and depending on the situation your family or friends may be able to provide the required assistance. In more complex cases, outside help may be required. Typical areas of assistance may include:


Your parent may be able to make themselves breakfast and lunch but may not be able to make dinner. You may need to help them make these meals or help them with the weekly grocery shopping. However, if you do not live close to your parent or if schedules do not permit, this may be difficult to do. One option would be ‘Meals on Wheels’ or a similar program that provides a nutritious meal delivered right to their home for a modest cost.


If your parent is ill, but still able to get around on their own, the degree to which they are able to do so will have to be considered. Canes, walkers and scooters can be of great assistance in helping your parent get around. If your parent is relatively mobile, they may want to go to doctor’s appointments or go shopping. You and your family members or friends can create a schedule to make these trips. If this isn’t possible, there are many community organizations that provide transportation services for those with limited mobility.
If your parent is still able to drive, you should look into getting a Disabled Parking Permit

Home and Garden Care

If your parent is able and prefers to stay at home, they will probably require some assistance in maintaining their home and garden. You and your family members may be able to create a schedule to help take care of the home – doing laundry, cleaning, garden maintenance, snow removal etc. If your family is unable, there may be local volunteer services that may be able to assist the infirm/disabled. If that isn’t an option, you will have to hire a local company to help out with chores in and out of the home.

If the needs are beyond what friends and family can provide then professional home care providers are available and typically provide the following types of services:

  • Hourly Care
  • Overnight Care
  • Live-In Care
  • Palliative (End of Life) Care
  • Respite Care

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