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Thornbrook’s First Annual Tulip Gala

Want to have fun and make a difference?

Join us on Thursday May 31, 2012 6:30pm to 11:00pm at the Islington Golf Club, 45 Riverbank Drive, Toronto for Thornbrook’s First Annual Tulip Gala. Tickets are $100 each and proceeds benefit Social Work Programs at St. Joseph’s Health Centre, Toronto in caring for their patients.

To buy tickets or make a donation visit

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Caregiver Stress

Caregiver Stress

Courtesy of Lucie and David Shaw from Nurse Next Door.

If you’re a caregiver to one or more parents, you’ve got a tough job. Not saying that you’d give it up for anything, because most caregivers say that although caregiving is the hardest job they’ve had, it’s also the most rewarding. Still, when you’re experiencing caregiver stress, it’s easy to forget yourself in the equation.

Signs of caregiver stress can include anxiety, depression, difficulty concentrating, irritability, sleep problems, and social withdrawal. ...

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Stop the Balancing Act!

Courtesy of Patricia Muir from Executive Encore – Maestro Quality Inc.

Losing a loved one brings on intense transition that tips, upsets, and overturns our life both personally and professionally.

Through my own experience of loss, I discovered that “integration” rather than “balance” is key to a gentler flow through this intense period of transition.

“Integration” implies acceptance, assimilation, and sense of continuous flowing energy. As something is added, it is absorbed but it does not take over. ...

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Long Term Care Planning: What Is It and Why Should I Care?

By Karen Henderson

We all take delight in planning for vacations and holiday celebrations but when it comes to planning for old age, we literally run the other way. Aging and death only happen to other people, and therefore we don’t need to talk about it – at least not yet. Why is this?

  • Canadians have an attitude of entitlement; I am a taxpayer and therefore the government is responsible for caring for me in my old age
  • It won’t happen to me
  • My ...

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  • Setting Goals for the New Year!

    As 2010 comes to an end, we all start thinking about setting goals and resolutions for the New Year.  Whether it be improving your health through eating or exercise, finally implementing a solid financial plan or to spend more quality time with family, setting goals for positive change is a good way to bring yourself forward into a brand new year.  Make sure that you set reasonable and specific goals to ensure that these can be met.  Setting your expectations ...

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    Happy Holidays from our hearts to yours!

    Wishing a most wonderful holiday season, filled with love, support and blessings to you and your families.
    May the joyful memories of the past carry you through the new year.

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    Winter Safety for Seniors

    written by Alesha E. Churba and shared through WordPress

    Snow Snow can be beautiful but dangerous for a senior.

    Tilly and Harold are in their early 80’s and live in their fifty year old home. Tilly and Harold are relatively healthy for their ages and are living on their fixed retirement that hasn’t increased since Harold retired thirty years ago. Sure, they receive Social Security but with the cost of their medication ...

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    What to Do if You Can’t Sleep… Feel Lonely… Are Anxious or Worried

    Have you ever felt anxious or worried, lonely, or had trouble sleeping? Sometimes when we talk to the doctor about these problems, we get a prescription for sleeping pills or tranquillizers. Although these medications may help us feel better for a short while, they do not solve our problems.

    Medications that help us feel calm and help us to sleep during a crisis are not meant to be used for more than 7 to 10 days. Instead of taking sleeping pills ...

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    Senior’s safety and preventing accidents

    Take steps to avoid preventable accidents…

    Many senior falls caused by preventable design flaws: expert –

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    Long Term…When to Start Planning?

    It’s Never Too Early to Start the Conversation: Talking to Parents About
    Their Changing Needs©

    By Karen Henderson

    “If you don’t want to talk about this, or if you can’t, maybe you could just pray for a tornado to hit your parents the day before they get sick.” Shlomo F. Kreitzer, a retired psychologist.

    There are some things in life we don’t really want to think about; consequently we don’t plan for them. One of those ‘things’ is aging parents and their ...

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