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Why do you need a Will?

Why do you need a Will?

Courtesy of David Mills from Mills and Mills LLP.

You believe that you should decide how your hard-earned estate will be divided, not the government. Under Ontario’s Succession Law Reform Act, the estate of a person who dies without a Will is distributed according to a specific set of rules. These are often inconsistent with what an individual would choose for him- or herself.
You have young children. In a Will you can provide instructions as to who should ...

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Worthless old Share Certificates?

Worthless old Share Certificates?

Courtesy of David Mills from Mills & Mills LLP..

What do I do with these?

If you come across some share certificates of companies which are no longer in business, do not assume that they are worthless. If the circumstances are right, they may be used to obtain a tax refund. The first thing to do is to find out when the shares became worthless, that is, when the company went out of business or declared bankruptcy. That ...

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Beware of “Windows” Computer Phone Scam

Beware of “Windows” Computer Phone Scam

We would like everyone to be aware that there has been a long running phone scam which has spread from overseas to the United States and most recently has been noted in Canada. This phone scam has been running since 2008 and still continues to be spreading. These callers say they represent “Windows” and they are calling to alert you about there being a major issue with your computer. First take note that the actual company is called ...

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Welcome to the re-designed!

Welcome to the re-designed!

Welcome to the completely re-designed website! We have made significant changes in order to better address our visitors’ needs. The site is centered around the following 5 functional areas:

  1. Articles – news and information
  2. Q & A – answers to common and specific questions
  3. Events – upcoming events
  4. Resources – links to other useful information
  5. Solution Providers – trusted providers to help you with your needs

Most importantly we want to encourage feedback. Please comment on our articles, rate our solution providers, participate in our ...

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Collaborative Minds
59536 – 321 Lakeshore Road West
Mississauga, ON L5H 1G9
Contact: Andriana Mantas
Phone: 416-803-5321

People encounter moments in their lives that can be challenging due to a loss of a loved one. Each and every one of us has our own experience with a person passing away.  For some of us it surrounds the ‘finality’ or ‘permanent’ factor while for others it can be mystifying especially with ...

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Royal Lepage Real Estate Services Inc
3031 Bloor ST. W.
Toronto, Ontario, ON M8X 1C4

Contact: Giulia Delannoy
Phone: 416-236-1871
Fax: 416-239-5493

We welcome Giulia and her many years of specialized experience with the 50+ age group. Assisting and guiding with gentle ways through to a new phase of their life, her 18 years of real estate experience and many years of volunteering give her that extra edge. welcomes Mary Kay McCoy of Century 21 Dreams Inc. Brokerage

Century 21 Dreams Inc. Brokerage

61 Lakeshore Rd. West
Oakville, ON L6K 1C9

Contact: Mary Kay McCoy
Phone: 905-338-1515
Fax: 905-338-0101
Mary Kay helps guide through the process of downsizing.  Helping you put your current property on the market, while helping you find a new home to meet your changing lifestyle.

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Welcome to our new Directory lister, Glen Smith, a Senior Real Estate Sales Representative with the Accredited Senior Agent (ASA) designation, serving the Mississauga area with his years of experience.

Royal LePage Realty Centre

Contact: Glen C. Smith
Phone: 647-283-1070

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RE/MAX Professionals Inc. Brokerage

1645 Dundas Street West
Mississauga, ON L5C 1E3

Contact: Diana Budway
Phone: 905-270-8840 ext 342

Diana Budway can help navigate through the difficult transition after a loss.  Her own experiences give her the understanding to go that extra step.

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Evans Wealth Management Team – Richardson GMP

350 Burnhamthorpe Rd. West Suite 304
Mississauga, ON L5B 3J1

Contact: Bev Evans
Phone: 905-615-5671

A big welcome to Bev Evans and her team to  Using trust and integrity as the foundation of long term relationships with their clients.

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