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10 Signs of Aging: Would Home Care help Your Senior?

An informative checklist to help you determine whether or not your loved one may need additional assistance.

1. Look in the refrigerator, freezer and drawers.  Has food spoiled because mom can’t get to the grocery store?  Does she have difficulty cleaning tight, cluttered places?

2. Look over the grocery list.  Has your loved one’s declining health prompted her to purchase more convenience and junk foods, and neglect proper nutrition?  Is she losing weight? Would home care in Phoenix help your elder eat healthy ...

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What to Do if You Can’t Sleep… Feel Lonely… Are Anxious or Worried

Have you ever felt anxious or worried, lonely, or had trouble sleeping? Sometimes when we talk to the doctor about these problems, we get a prescription for sleeping pills or tranquillizers. Although these medications may help us feel better for a short while, they do not solve our problems.

Medications that help us feel calm and help us to sleep during a crisis are not meant to be used for more than 7 to 10 days. Instead of taking sleeping pills ...

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Cooking for the Holidays

We all know that cooking over the holidays is getting more difficult as time goes by, whether it be budget, timing or diet restrictions due to diabetes or high cholestrol.  Here is a great website where you can sign up to have access to some wonderful tips and recipes for every occasion also where you can share some of your own recipes!

Search Recipes For Easy Recipes | Appetizers, Cooking Bread & Chicken Recipes, Soup, Baking Cake & More | Taste Of Home.

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