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BFO Halton/Peel Open House

Bereaved Families of Ontario—Halton/Peel Open House

Partnership Development & Information Session Helping to Build Community

THURSDAY MARCH 29, 2012 4:00pm — 6:00pm


4:00pm — 4:45pm: Children’s Hour Presentation of ? “When Families Grieve” Sesame Street Grief Kit Program Overview: Lunch & Learn with BFO-H/P

4:45pm — 5:00pm: Q&A 5:00pm — 5:45pm: Youth Hour Program Overview: Teen GPS — Navigating Through Grief Client Testimony: Helena Stahls Program Overview: Lunch & Learn with BFO-H/P

5:45pm — 6:00pm: Q&A ~ Refreshments will be available! ~ Feel free to bring your program brochures and business cards to be displayed on our community table

Please RSVP by March 22, 2012
Or call Anita at 905-848-4337


  1. Sanjay  December 11, 2015

    I just wanted to say that this blog post has given me a hope at just the right time. I am off on my trlaves for a month from Sunday with a female friend, going round Cambodia, Vietnam and Burma I sit with tears in my eyes that your story is how I want mine to be to be somewhere else, to find the atom within that didn’t die with my husband Much love and thank you, truly .widow’s timing xxx


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