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Beware of “Windows” Computer Phone Scam

Beware of “Windows” Computer Phone Scam

We would like everyone to be aware that there has been a long running phone scam which has spread from overseas to the United States and most recently has been noted in Canada. This phone scam has been running since 2008 and still continues to be spreading. These callers say they represent “Windows” and they are calling to alert you about there being a major issue with your computer. First take note that the actual company is called Microsoft not Windows. They proceed to tell you that these issues could include your computer running slowly, that your computer is infected by a virus or other issues that may cause you some concern. They say that they are calling to assist you in fixing this problem. Do not do anything accept hang up the phone. Microsoft cannot and does not monitor everyone’s computer and would never contact a customer unless they have been contacted for support.

As everyone has had numerous, but most often harmless, error messages pop up on their computer, it is an easy situation to believe and trust this “technical support” person calling. They may direct the owner to the computer, and asked to open a program called “Windows Event Viewer”. Its contents look frightening to the average user, as it is a long list of errors, some labelled “critical”. These scammers ask you to follow a few simple instructions to download a program which will allow them remote access into your computer to “cleanse” your system or fix the problem. Then without you realizing it they will infect your computer with malware software with can read personal information, including your banking information.

Therefore, as a warning, if you ever receive an unsolicited call asking to gain access to your computer, or that they are from or work on behalf of Microsoft, this is a hoax and you should hang up the phone.

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