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Seniors Health Promotion and Active Living Fair

Square One Seniors Wellness Services presents…

Seniors Health Promotion
and Active Living Fair

at the Square One Older Adult Centre
Square One Shopping Centre
Lower Level in Between The Bay and The Bank of Montreal


Thursday, March 22nd from Noon – 3:00pm
Friday, March 23rd from 10:00am – 1:00pm

* 45 different exhibitors each day * refreshments * presentations * entertainment * participant bags * door prizes * clinics *

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Helping to choose senior living options for your loved one or for yourself

Helping to choose senior living options for your loved one or for yourself

Long-term, short-term, home care, assisted living, retirement communities, with so many choices it is best to involve everyone in the decision making process.  Many things must be taken into consideration, the needs and wants of the elderly person as well as the costs, determining both short and long term plans. If you are making a decision to change your own living situation, then it is good to research your options and discuss with your family.

Types of housing ...

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Making Moving a Stress-free Day (for Seniors)

Courtesy of: Nadia Kalnieva of Sons Moving, Toronto

One of the most difficult challenges a widow or widower can face is deciding to move out of your longtime home and into a new living situation. Even if you embrace the move, it’s important to recognize that there is going to be emotion and nostalgia on the actual day.

With that in mind, you may want to consider whether you even want to be there on the day. Having a family member ...

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Seniors Health Promotion and Active Living Fair – Mississauga

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO (March, 2011) – The Square One Older Adult Centre in joint project with the Older Adult Centres’ Association of Ontario and Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion and Sport, are proud to present the 2011 Seniors Health Promotion and Active Living Fair. This free two day community event will take place on March 24th and 25th at the Square One Older Adult Centre. There will be free refreshments and entertainment.

The featured topics and speakers for this year include:

Long Term Care Planning: What Is It and Why Should I Care?

By Karen Henderson

We all take delight in planning for vacations and holiday celebrations but when it comes to planning for old age, we literally run the other way. Aging and death only happen to other people, and therefore we don’t need to talk about it – at least not yet. Why is this?

  • Canadians have an attitude of entitlement; I am a taxpayer and therefore the government is responsible for caring for me in my old age
  • It won’t happen to me
  • My ...

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  • January is Alzheimer Awareness Month

    Courtesy of Alzheimer Society of Canada

    An online survey of baby boomers across Canada conducted by the Alzheimer Society reveals a worrying lack of awareness about Alzheimer’s disease.

    Survey results show that an astonishing 23 per cent of boomers can’t name any of the early signs of Alzheimer’s disease, even though their risk doubles every five years after age 65.

    Of those surveyed, 50 per cent identified memory loss as a key symptom, but failed to mention other critical signs.

    “Boomers are their own ...

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    10 Signs of Aging: Would Home Care help Your Senior?

    An informative checklist to help you determine whether or not your loved one may need additional assistance.

    1. Look in the refrigerator, freezer and drawers.  Has food spoiled because mom can’t get to the grocery store?  Does she have difficulty cleaning tight, cluttered places?

    2. Look over the grocery list.  Has your loved one’s declining health prompted her to purchase more convenience and junk foods, and neglect proper nutrition?  Is she losing weight? Would home care in Phoenix help your elder eat healthy ...

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    Winter Safety for Seniors

    written by Alesha E. Churba and shared through WordPress

    Snow Snow can be beautiful but dangerous for a senior.

    Tilly and Harold are in their early 80’s and live in their fifty year old home. Tilly and Harold are relatively healthy for their ages and are living on their fixed retirement that hasn’t increased since Harold retired thirty years ago. Sure, they receive Social Security but with the cost of their medication ...

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    More seniors spending golden years in bankruptcy

    By Tavia Grant
    Globe and Mail Update
    The share of insolvent consumers among people aged 55 and older has more than quadrupled in the past decade.

    Blame dwindling pensions, the rising cost of living or the rocky stock market – a growing number of seniors are insolvent.

    The share of insolvent consumers among people aged 55 and older has more than quadrupled [] in the past decade, hitting 20.6 per cent last year, the Office of the Superintendent ...

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    GTA man charged in insurance scam against seniors

    from Liem Vu, Staff Reporter –

    York Regional Police have charged an elderly former life insurance agent after other seniors were allegedly defrauded of more than $200,000.

    The 79-year-old Richmond Hill man surrendered to police Tuesday after a “lengthy investigation” into an insurance investment scam.

    Police say four elderly people from Ontario were defrauded of $257,000 between 1998 and 2004.

    One of them filed a complaint in April after discovering that $27,000 – believed to have been invested in a Canada Life or ...

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